Campaign for Summer Jobs Reports


UNH and CSJ DYCD Concept paper response

In September of 2017, the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development released a Concept Paper for the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP).  

In order to prepare a response to this Concept Paper, United Neighborhood Houses (UNH) and Campaign for Summer Jobs (CSJ) convened providers to offer their perspective on the ideas proposed in Concept Paper.   The community based organizations who operate  providers bring direct knowledge of how and why the program benefits their communities, and historical knowledge of what program changes have aided or hindered their services.

The Concept Paper outlines promising new visions for SYEP. However, a thorough reading of the paper by current SYEP providers reveals several necessary changes and considerations that must be made to the eventual new SYEP RFPs to ensure program quality.  United Neighborhood Houses and Campaign for Summer Jobs stongly urge DYCD to increase the provider rate in order to achieve the ambitious goals laid out in the Concept Paper.  


Read the response here

A Plan for Expanding NYC's Summer Youth Employment Program to Meet Demand by 2019

In May 2016, United Neighborhood Houses and the Campaign for Summer Jobs released a white paper, Summer Jobs for NYC's Youth: A Plan for Expanding NYC's Summer Youth Employment Program to Meet Demand by FY2019which explains how the City can expand SYEP while meeting the needs of the provider community for a program with stable, predictable growth.

The top-line recommendation in the paper, that the program be given more predictable (baselined) funding, was encompassed in the New York City FY2017 Adopted Budget. CSJ is working with officials to ensure that the other recommendations are brought into policy.

The white paper was championed by both the New York City Council's Progressive Caucus and Black, Latino, and Asian Caucus.

Other major recommendations in the paper include:

  • Double the base funding—funding providers use to pay for staff and other costs of administering the program—for providers of SYEP’s wage-subsidized program options
  • Create an SYEP Expansion and Improvement Fund to allow current providers to hire new staff and increase their capacity to absorb job slots
  • Create a new RFP to expand the number of providers and contracts in each borough
  • Move application, enrollment, and orientation dates to earlier points in the calendar year
  • Leverage the influence of the Mayor’s office to increase worksite recruitment
  • Release base funding earlier in the year in an annual one-time payment to providers, premised on a 12-month budget
  • Increase use of electronic record collection

Click here to Read the Summer Jobs for NYC's Youth Report.

Campaign for Summer Jobs Survey Shows Demand for expanding summer youth opportunities 

Over the Summer of 2014, Campaign for Summer Jobs conducted a survey of more than 1,400 Summer Youth Employment Program participants in New York.  The survey data indicates a strong demand for SYEP. Many young people apply for SYEP two or three years in a row. The survey found that 53% of applicants have applied to SYEP more than once. Of those participants who had applied more than once, 41% had applied twice and 23% had applied three times or more.

Click Here to Read the Survey Report.